ups inverter

Evoxia is the leading distributor of IT products has partnered with Best Power Equipment’s (India) Private Limited (BPE), one of the leading power solution specialists.

Evoxia is the authorized distributor of BPE products in Singapore.

Evoxia is consistently consolidating its involvement in its creative personality and is perceived by its worldwide innovation driving character.
Analyzing infrastructural conditions, and customer needs, the organization chose to give complete solutions.

The product range varies from Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Systems, Inverters, Solar inverters, Servo and Isolation Transforms.

What we could promise the customer:
• Quality understanding for its products and services,
• Tailored solutions to specific client’s needs,
• Client satisfaction and happiness,
• After sales and service, support continuous,
• Improvement for operational excellence and advanced technology

All IT Infrastructure products are ISO certified. Supplying UPS to various multi-crore large projects all across Singapore.

Main function Providing backup power supply for devices to work on smoothly Converting DC to AC and storing power in the battery
Energy storage Yes, includes built-in batteries and a charge controller No, but many inverter modules can use external storage
Backup time Power back up for short duration Power back up for long duration
Protection Providing protection to load No protection against line abnormalities provided
Battery maintenance No maintenance required Requiring continuous   maintenance