Web & Content Security:  Protect your network against web-based threats and data leakage.

Sophos Cyberoam offers a wide security cover against web-based threats, including the entry of malware, phishing, pharming, intrusions and unauthorized data uploads. 

  • Wide Security Cover from Web Threats
  • Data Leakage Prevention
  • Layer 8 Identity-based Controls
  • Layer 8 Identity-based Reporting

Email Security:  Secure against blended threats and data leakage over emails.

Sophos Cyberoam offers comprehensive Email Security, preventing sophisticated forms of zero-hour threats and blended attacks involving spam, botnets, phishing, spyware and more. Smart-Security

  • Virus Outbreak Detection (VOD)
  • Real-time Spam Detection
  • Prevents Email Data Leakage
  • Email Quarantine
  • Compliance and Reporting
  • Saves Bandwidth Costs

Application SecuritySecure your network beyond ports and protocols.

Sophos Cyberoam delivers comprehensive application Security against malware, intrusions and data leakage. 

  • Application Visibility & Control
  • Applications QoS
  • Instant Messaging Controls
  • Data Leakage Prevention
  • Application Security

Secure Remote AccessThreat-free & Flexible remote access.

Sophos Cyberoam offers secure remote access for remote offices, road warriors, tele-commuters and business partners, preventing intrusions and malware from entering the central network. 

  • Dedicated SSL VPN appliances
  • Cyberoam’s IPSec VPN
  • Cyberoam SSL VPN
  • Layer 8 Identity-based Remote Access
  • Threat-Free VPN Access
  • Dedicated SSL VPN appliances

Logging & Reporting: Flexibility of on-appliance and dedicated reporting

Sophos Cyberoam offers real-time visibility into network and user activity with the Human Layer 8 Identity-based reporting, source and destination of attacks, Internet access and bandwidth usage, providing high security, optimal network performance and helping organizations meet regulatory compliance requirements. 

  • Granular Reporting
  • Cause-Effect Correlation
  • Layer 8 Identity-based Reporting
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Forensic Analysis
  • Multiple Report Schedules and Formats
  • Web & Email Access

Data Leakage Prevention: Plug leaky networks and endpoints

Sophos Cyberoam offers gateway and endpoint Data Leakage Prevention, protecting organizations from data leakage and loss occurring with data transfer over applications and removable storage devices. 

  • Email Leakage Prevention
  • Web Leakage Prevention
  • Instant Messenger Leakage Prevention
  • Encrypted HTTPS/SSL Protocol Leakage Prevention
  • Endpoint Leakage Prevention